End of Life Care (Hospice)

For many of us our cat has been with us for many years. They have shared the good times and provided us comfort during hard times. If we had children during those years the memory of them playing together will bring a smile. The sound of them purring and sometimes racing to greet us as we walked in or to the food dish at feeding time will never be forgotten.

Near the end of their life you cat may require, and deserves, special attention. At this stage, it can be very stressful on your cat to make the trip to a vet. Mohawk Valley Cat Care provides an option. We can assist, in the low stress environment of your home, to professionally administer the necessary treatments and to develop an intelligent plan to monitor progress.

When quality of life deteriorates to a point where suffering and pain are no longer preventable, the time for a peaceful end something to consider. This is rarely an easy decision. Our many years of experience of evaluating this point in your cat's life allow us to help guide you through it and to make the event as comfortable as possible.

Call us anytime or send us a message to discuss these difficult end of life issues. We are always here for you.